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Working From Home

I hope everyone is home safe and sound just like me and the love of my life. That would be Brad if you all forgot.

I took over Brad's fly tying room and set up my computer with candles and Spotify because that is all I need. Well, I have a monitor, keyboard, stapler, but the candle and music set the tone.

I am living in my man bun, glasses, and jammies till 10 am, and then I kick it up a bit by jumping into yoga pants, and if I am feeling frisky, I throw on a sweater, but I save that for extra special days. I do not want Brad to get used to me looking all fancy.

We are self quarantined and stocked for Armageddon. Brad reminds me that we are only stocked for 2 and to stop inviting the kids to move back home. If he keeps being romantic, I may brush my teeth.

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