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The Party Tango

I love the holidays so much. All the sparkles, gifts, cocktails and PARTIES. The more the merrier!

Holiday parties for us are feast or famine. We either have no opportunities for me to dance on tables, or there are not enough tables to hold me. Typically Brad tells me to pick 3, but this year, he must have been feeling festive, and we got to attend all the parties we could attend.

We have a party protocol. Brad waits till the last minute to get dressed to stress me out which ensures indulging in adult beverages to calm my nerves. Then he tells me not to get drunk (he is so cute), let other people talk and we will leave after one hour. I swear to God this conversation happens every time before we leave the house. AND every time I agree to his terms.

We get to the party, and I immediately head to the bar and then roam the room because I need to talk to every single person. Although I do not see Brad until the end of the evening, I think he is watching over me. There is no telling what I will do and sometimes apologies are required the next day.

One of two things happens:

1) Brad thinks I have danced on enough tables

2) Brad is sticking to the terms of his agreement

The Party Tango three-prong approach:

1) He searches me out and gives me the eye. I smile and tell him I will say my goodbyes. Then a game of hide’n seek pursues with Brad trying to find me.

2) Brad eventually catches up to me, and he will rub my arm or back and softly say we need to go. I smile and say, let me go to the bathroom and repeat #1.

3) Brad finds me again and then hisses at me, "I want to leave now." The music has stopped and my dance is done.

We have been doing The Party Tango for 33 years and it never gets old.

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