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Real Friends

I was in a work zoom meeting the other day when I noticed a friend of mine was a mere image of herself before the Pandemic. Then I realized there were a few of my "Friends" who have dared to exercise and eat healthy right in front of my face! They did not even have the decency to do this behind my back.

I am just saying that these bitches did not follow girlfriend code and follow mindless eating and if they exercise, and that is a big if, it would be exercising our fingers on the remote control. I mean, my bestie was bragging that she was walking! Walking? This is a pandemic; we are all in this together. No one is walking because we should be too busy surfing Netflix. They were supposed to be getting fat and testing the liver enzyme Gods.

Now I am being shamed (self-shame) into putting down the cookie and biking to the brewery. Thanx a lot, "Friends." You know who you are, and I am looking at you with my three chins tucked into my turtleneck.

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