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Pillows and Men

If you want Brad to lose his shit, just say the word pillow. When I am feeling a little feisty, I may add lamps and rugs to my sentence and that really sets him off.

I have no idea why men have an aversion to pillows. According to Brad, I am spending all of our retirement money on pillows. He does not like sharing a bed or couch with pillows, and having to move them is a HUGE inconvenience. Brad says throw pillows are stupid and he wants to throw them in the garbage except he doesn't because I would spend more of our retirement money buying a pillow replacement.

I, on the other hand, want pillows everywhere. They offer comfort to friends who visit and lap desks for our children as well as beauty, joy and happiness.

Brad takes particular glee when he throws the pillows off from wherever he is sitting or laying grumbling that the pillows are a waste of money. I give Brad a pass when he throws the bed decor pillows over my head and sometimes very near my head since that provides a bit of happiness for Brad, having an excuse to throw things in my direction.

Brad made a declaration that I cannot buy any more pillows. Such a silly boy because I just buy decorative pillow covers. That is right ladies, you to can pull a fast one on your husband and buy velvet, fur, silk, linen just about any fabric and change the look of your pillows and decor.

I think we have enough retirement money for bejeweled, sequined fancy pillow covers!

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