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Not For The Faint Of Heart

Brad and I have finally made the jump and bought a home in Denver. Before you think it is all rainbows, lollipops, and sparkles, we are also selling our current home.

Because buying, selling, and working full time at home is not stressful enough, Brad had knee surgery.

Before knee surgery and meeting with the stager, Brad and I packaged up our precious "stuff" in about 30 boxes so our home would look like an AirBnB. This means we need to keep the house neat as a pin, no cooking in the kitchen, and some inconveniences like keeping the toaster in the pantry, hiding hand soap and toothbrushes, removing rugs, etc. Brad is not playing the game, so I spend the majority of my time putting his shit back. I want to wring his neck. I get it, he just had surgery and in loads of pain with a swollen knee, but you know I am in pain too. I was never cut out to be a nurse. At one point, Brad told me. "Becky, it is as if you want me gone." How could he possibly read my mind? I wanted to scream- BINGO.

We always keep the house reasonably neat and clean as well as updated and maintained, but making sure it is show worthy 24/7 is a different story. It is probably poor form to have your panties lying on the floor, or Brad propped up with an ice machine on his knee holding a beer.

Brad's biggest pet peeve - wait for it - The back end of the unfinished basement is not swept. Can you f*#*#ing believe it!!!! As if someone is going to walk our immaculate and updated home and say I am not buying because there is dust on a small section of the unfinished basement flooring. The man has lost his ever-living mind.

So, baby Jesus if you are reading this blog, please get our house under contract pronto!

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