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Living in Denver

Now that we are mask free and allowed to roam freely, we have been busy being a tourist in our own city. The ER is always a highlight on the tour.

Brad mentioned his back was sore, and because of that, he continued to weed the yard, lift heavy objects, and search for my hidden packages. However, Thursday night, his back decided it was not playing, and Brad was seriously flat on his back. The pain was worsening, and now at 8 pm, it was time to get Jake to help me carry Brad to the car. So, I throw on a pair of earrings, and we head to ER.

I am not sure if city ERs are different than the suburbs or if they all have a security check-in, but the policeman was required to search my purse, and he found my mace stick which I thought I had lost. Always a silver lining.

Honest to Pete, I thought Rose Medical ER must be a Police Substation. I have never seen so many police (they have their own access), and if I need the police, I am not calling 911; I am calling ER.

The ER doctor gave Brad a shot for the pain, and they timed it perfectly, so the minute we rolled Brad out of the ER, he started to vomit and vomit all the way home, which made all of us want to vomit all the way home.

I do not know about the man in your life, but my man is not exactly the perfect patient, which means we play Adult Hide'n Seek. Brad is an excellent seeker and finds me every time, bad back and all.

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