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Instacart = Christmas

Those who know me know that I am COVID compliant. This means I have been double dating the UPS and Amazon drivers. One day Brad came home early from work and was in our garage when my UPS date rolled up. UPS date jumped out of his truck, all excited with a package in his hands. I hissed at him to get back in his truck. I waited till Brad was safely in the house when I got the package from my UPS date, reminding him that my husband does not know about our relationship.

I recently discovered Instacart. I know I am behind the times, but ladies, my husband does all the grocery shopping, so it is simply refreshing to find another shopping avenue. You go online, place your order, then wait for the goods to be delivered or so I thought.

I have ordered three times with one woman and two men. Both men kept texting me pictures for confirmation. This is reminiscent of me sending Jake (my son) to the grocery store where he is confused by mustard, and he sends me a text of a thousand pictures to confirm size, brand, etc.

I am notoriously on a work zoom meeting when my order arrives early! It is difficult focusing on the meeting when you know all your presents are outside your door. Instead of sugar plums dancing in my head, I imagine my ice cream melting down the sidewalk instead of my throat. When I finally get to unwrap my goods, it is just like Christmas. I send Instacart Santa my wishlist and wait to see if I get what I asked for. Somehow when I ordered whole milk (for a dessert), Instacart Santa thought 2% milk was a suitable substitution.

Brad's wish in life is for a quick COVID cure.

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