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House Cleaning and Wearing Plaid

Inevitably, Brad decides he needs to find something minutes before guests arrive. When he is searching, he pulls everything out a drawer or closet and then questions every item. I am the self-appointed procurement officer of the Fell residence, so I take issue when Brad questions my carefully hidden gems. Brad wants to know why we have a zucchini spiralizer when I do not cook and we do not eat zucchini noodles or why I have a collection of bags. Won't he be sorry when he needs a bag and there is none to be found? Seriously, we have guests coming any second and he wants a complete rundown on everything in a drawer or closet. I swear he thinks this is a fun hide and seek game, but ask him to locate a Tupperware lid to the bowl he is holding.

After a game of hide and seek, he tells me there is an ax-throwing bar coming to Denver and do I want to go. I told him I do not do plaid to which he asked, is it because you look like a lumberjack when you wear plaid? I have been practicing my ax throwing.

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