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Holidays are Over So What am I Doing?

I am back! Blame my absence on the need for me to have a full-time job.

I found this picture on my phone and it made me chuckle because, in my mind, our holidays are elegant just like I see in upscale magazines or blogs. The reality is not even close and that is OK because I get to slap my hair, on the top of my head, wear sweatpants with a stained sweatshirt shuffling around in my slippers. Brad is one lucky man!

Did you have a good Christmas? Yes, I got great gifts, the kids behaved and Brad was a dreamboat and I ate and drank everything that was not nailed down.

Did you have a good New year’s? If you mean, I spent it on the couch and went to bed before midnight then yes.

Did you make any resolutions? Too much work to make something up with no intention of doing.

Did you join weight watchers (WW)? Didn’t everybody?

Why did you join WW? I was using my turtleneck as a girdle for my triple chins.

Did Jake graduate from the University of Colorado Boulder? Yes, Praise Jesus (thank you, Pam)

Are you going to wallpaper your house with Jake’s Diploma? In production – is tacky to wallpaper the whole house?

Is your wallet now lighter? I overspent for Christmas, which nets out not paying tuition.

Are you participating in Dry January? LOL, that is a good one. Such a silly concept, let me get my cocktail.

Is Brad making you prepare a budget for retirement? Yes, and he is a sneaky one. He thought it would be a good idea to keep all documents, accounts and passwords in one place God forbid one of us would fall (or be pushed) off a cliff. I did not think that one thru and did just as he asked, and now he has a record of all my secret hiding places of additional funds that I have been squirreling away for lamps, pillows, carpets and shoes.

Is Jake moving out of the house? Yes, Praise Jesus

I hope you all had a great holiday and enjoying 2020!

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