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Being Grateful Can Be Dangerous

November 8, 2019


I profoundly believe in the importance of gratitude, but not so much keeping a gratitude journal if it works for you - yea! For me, I kept writing the same thing,,, I am grateful for Brad making me dinner. Brad took me to work, Brad blah, blah. My gratitude had a common theme, and that was logging Brad's good deeds.


Last night I offered to make dinner of pancakes and eggs. There is nothing better than breakfast for dinner, and it is in my cooking wheelhouse. Jake asked if I had any notebooks he could use for school. I told him I had some journals upstairs. As I was preparing my Bisquick pancakes (Bisquick is my wheelhouse), Jake came downstairs with my journal in hand with a big smile. He told me that he found a journal, but I had written in a few pages. I confirmed that I had tried a grateful journal, but it was not my jam and assured him it would be fine to remove the pages and use the journal. Then with even a bigger smile he said he read a few lines and said I wrote:




There is no doubt that I am grateful for what God has given me; there is absolutely no way that I would say that. Yes F*** is my absolute go-to and favorite word, but that is about as crude as I get. Jake is giggling like a little girl when I grab the journal back and tell him it says:




So I tell Brad the story, and he says with a straight face, "You do not have titties, you have jugs." 


And that my friends are the gratitude I get for making dinner.




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