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How to Keep Your Man for 30 Years

1. Make Your Man Feel Important

I let Brad know what a fantastic driver he is, and Lil 'ole me cannot read a map. Brad drives while I sleep or read a book.

2. Know Your Man's Moods

When Brad has a particularly hard day, I let him make me a cocktail (for his self-esteem), and then I go out with my girlfriends so he can have peace. I am always thinking about Brad and his well being.

3. Encourage Him

I am a big believer in giving encouragement and letting Brad know his worth and recognizing his talent. He has been very talented in tiling our bathrooms, renovating the fireplace, landscaping the yard, .etc. Gosh he has so many talents that I can barely come up with projects for his talent.

4. Learn To Compromise

I am a shopaholic; therefore, I let him do the grocery shopping.

5. Don't Pick A Fight

Gosh No! Brad's head explodes when I bring a new pillow into the house; therefore, I strongly support Brad's hunting and fishing trips that affords me mini-vacations to buy more pillows and lamps while he is away.

6. Keep Your Relationship Fresh

I play a little game of I am so mad at you! Brad needs to solve the problem before I strangle him. The ways to solve this puzzle are endless ... This seems to be Brad's favorite game.

7. Don't Try To Change Your Man

Brad loves to cook and make dinners each night. Who am I to change Brad?

8. Give Him Space

When Brad is watching shows that do not appeal to me, I gladly give him space and go upstairs to watch BRAVO. You do not want to suffocate your man unless you are keeping your relationship fresh.

So ladies don’t be obsessed with trying to have a perfect relationship – relax, kick back and have fun with your man! Cheers

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