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The Three B's


My life is fulfilled when I have Butter, Bacon, and Bourbon.

I am making a somewhat feeble attempt to lose weight. It really is a full-time job for me, and I see no retirement in sight. I am totally into anything with DNA. The more personal information I can get into the internet works for me. Imagine my glee when I saw I could use my DNA to find a gene variant that is the cause for me being overweight because gorging myself on my 3 B's cannot be the reason

My family history is loaded with heart disease and diabetes, so doctors and Brad warn me to eat more plant-based foods and limit high-fat foods. Well that is no fun, and I am all about fun.

My DNA came back with sensitivities to:

* Fatty Acid Response/ High Cholesterol ✅

* Cholesterol and Lipids/LDL ✅

* PPARg - I have CG ... are you ready for this? CG is a rare result of this gene. I metabolize fat from a diet more poorly than other people, which means I can gain weight more easily.

I found the key to my problem, and I proudly let Brad know the reason I am fat is that I have this gene. So he asks me what I need to do and I tell him I need to choose healthy fats in moderate amounts and limit or avoid fried foods, high-fat meat, and dairy products. Then I tell him this is why a skinny girl can eat fried chicken and stay skinny, and I cannot. He came over to me and quietly and slowly said to me ... Becky, skinny girls are not eating fried chicken.

Brad sure can burst my bubble. My new 3 B's are Brad Bubble Burster!

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