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House Hunting

Since Brad and I are done raising children, we have decided to relocate fast before Mag or Jake move back home for any length of time.

So off to Denver we went to check out the housing inventory. We walked into the first home and it was 700sf on the first floor with a 700sf basement that was renovated to feel just like a basement. Although we are madly in love and want something quaint, we still need space to escape from each other.

As I walked into the second home, my sandal broke! It just so happen the homeowner was showing her own home since the broker did not show up. I immediately asked her for some tape to fix my sandal. She started to tell me she was a physician so I thought she was going to suture my sandal, but instead, she brought me back the scotch tape. OK, this lady has never broken a sandal before. I asked if she might have some electrical tape perhaps in her overstuffed garage.

I limped along to the third home when my magnetic eyelashes became demagnetized and the corner of my eyelashes was sticking straight out and not even duct tape was going to remedy this situation. The listing broker should win an academy award for his acting skills in telling us there was a non-conforming bedroom in the basement when it was actually a closet.

After the third house, Brad started to laugh and took me with my broken sandal and eyelashes hanging from my eyes for a well-deserved beer.

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