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Lions, Tigers and Bears ... Oh My

Anyone who knows me knows that camping is staying at the Holiday Inn and I consider being remote when I am 20 miles from a Nordstroms. My dear friend, Sandy, made the bold decision to take up full-time residence in Estes Park and live in the wilderness. She is seriously (crazy) like Snow White with all the critters running around her.

It was the city girls turn to head to the mountains for a visit. Her mountain house is gorgeous and I felt as if I could literally touch Mount Craig. While dodging the dive-bombing hummingbirds, (crazy) Sandy showed us bear paw prints on her windows where a bear was trying to get her hummingbird feeder. I absolutely understand the bear's reason because I am sure the dive bombers attack the bears as well. I too wanted to rip down the feeder and eat the hummingbirds. That totally got my attention and a need for more tequila because that is what those crazy mountain people drink and I am thinking they must drink plenty of it.

When the sun went down, it was dark and if a grizzly was standing next to me, I would not see him. Then I find out bears have excellent night vision due to a reflective membrane on the back of their eyes as if they are wearing night vision goggles. A bear takes one look at me and he figures his hibernation is only one meal away.

There was a loud noise outside and I knew there were a bear, coyote and a mountain lion knocking on the window asking us to come out and play. It was time for me to go and thankfully Jen was the designated driver so she could white knuckle the ride down the switchbacks in total darkness with a car playing tag behind us.

I was more at ease once we reached city lights and knew I could run, if I ran, to a Nordstrom store.

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