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Work Torture Known as Retreat

Everyone knows the most important part of a retreat or a conference is the food and naturally, a fun sidekick and mine was Jodie who made the day bearable.

I got to the retreat super early to scope out the breakfast. It is not a good sign when I am asking Jodie where are the sausage and bacon? They had vege quiches, egg white, spinach bake and goopy punishment known as yogurt. The only saving grace was the mini chocolate muffins and thankfully I was able to stuff two in my mouth while in line.

Low and behold who sits down, but the skinny fruit plate (seen in the picture). I stared at the plate and woman in disbelief because a slice of grapefruit as we all know is nothing but a garnish for your vodka. As I was looking for her coffee and cigarettes, she let me know she had an egg before coming. I bet she wanted to lick the chocolate muffin crumbs off of my lips.

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