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30 Days With Becky

Sorry for the blog MIA, a little thing called a job sometimes gets in the way. Now I have a month to catch up on ~

May was full of graduation parties. For the record, people (when I say people, I am referring to me) come for the cake! So please cut the cake. Graduation parties are not like birthdays or weddings where there is a specified time on the agenda to cut the cake. People are coming and going - it is an open house. What I discovered - when you attend girl parties and you tell the girls to please cut the cake, they go to their moms and say cut the cake. When you attend boy parties and you ask the boys to cut the cake, they tell you to ask his mom. Then his mom needs to think about it and then she asks her son which leads to no cake being cut. So the moral to this story .... if you have boys, buy cupcakes and if you have daughters pre-cut the cake.

Brad found a new way to torture me. Who knew there was a heart app on your iPhone. Brad thinks it is super fun to compare steps on our app. He proudly shows me his 10,000 plus steps while I shamefully show my 1,000 steps on a good day. The picture of Ringo on the deck is exactly how I feel. On a side note, to log in all the steps, that means Brad has his phone on him at all times and yet when I try to reach him, it would appear the phone is nowhere in sight .... hmmm.

Brad took me to another concert to see Mike Zito and I am happy to report that I was not X'd. I was right at home with the 80-year-olds. I was able to saunter up to the stage and place my cocktail on the stage while Mike serenaded me. At the end of the concert, I asked him for his guitar pick and he said sure. As he went back to his guitar to get the pick, the 80-year-old woman standing next to me asked me what he was getting me and I told her his guitar pick. She said she had no idea you could do that and she was going to ask for a pick as well. It was if I was looking at an older version of myself.

We celebrated Father's day with cocktails on the deck and a meal made by yours truly. Brad and I did a dry run on how to graciously accept gifts and compliment my cooking skills for a win-win all around.

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