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A Day in the Life of Becky

Brad and I have both been hit with what I can only describe as the plague with Black Death coming soon. Alternatively, some may call it a bad head cold.

Apparently, this illness affects men much worse than women (specifically wives). It just so happened that I fell ill first and Brad wanted to know why I was not exercising and he could not believe my symptoms were so bad. Now that he is down and out, his headaches are much worse and the aches and pains supersede anything I have. I know this because he told me this. An example of how we handle ourselves when we are sick, I present the two pictures.

Brad also plays a little game called Let's Give Becky a Stroke. Easter is this weekend and Brad decided to stain the deck while he is sick! I have experienced this tactic before. We were hosting a memorial day BBQ and Brad ripped up the deck to install a new deck. He was nailing boards minutes before the guests arrived. Holidays are stressful for Brad ... you know all the horrors of family, friends, drinks, fun and food. Last night he asked if I was going to have all that food and I told him only if he wants to eat.


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