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Where is the LOVE

March 27, 2019


There is a reason I do not like to exercise - exercising does not love me and either do the people who support exercise.


Brad and Jake were away fishing so I called Mag for an 18 miles bike ride. I can always count on her to be my wingman. We geared up and headed out for our ride. We may or may not have stopped for a beer.


As we returned home, Mag stopped before going up the slight incline of our driveway while I decided it would be less work to ride my bike to the garage door. Poor decision because after I kicked my right foot from my pedal, I came to a halt and could not kick my left foot out. You guessed it .... Down I went, 


That is not the worst of it. Mag asks if I was OK and when I told her that I was fine, her response is stay put so she can take a picture of me and send to dad. Meanwhile my neighbor is in his driveway watching everything and he does nothing. Finally, when it is clear I will live to see another day, he asks if I am OK. I told him this was a test to see how he would react in an emergency and he failed miserably. He asked what about my daughter running to take a picture and I confirmed that was part of the distraction test.


I guilted him to come over and help me off the ground. He is not a very big guy and I knew when he stuck his hand out it was not going to be pretty. I grabbed his hand and as he pulled me up, I got stuck in a sitting position; therefore, I had to screamed at him to pull harder. 


I am pretty sure he will run when he sees me outside for fear of another emergency test.

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