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The Long and Short of IT

I spend a lot of time thinking about my hair - not styling my hair, but thinking should I go long or short. Thanx to my friend Leighann, my hair is once again in my thoughts.

Do I grow it or do I cut it? Seriously I ask this question every day. BTW I am not looking for opinions since it is obviously a game I play by and with myself.

Looking thru my pictures I see a trend. When I am thinner, I go shorter and when I am fatter I go longer. I am guessing my long locks fool the eye?

There are sites to help with this very delicate and important decision. They suggest looking at yourself in the mirror and look at pictures. Good Lord that is part of my problem. I look at myself or see a picture and irrational thoughts cross my mind. I have tried the app which always make me look like a freak from a carnival.

The best tip is from John Freida - If the distance between your ear and your chin is less than 2.25", your delicate features are suited for a shorter cut. I think what John is telling you is if you have no neck, go short.

I see short hair in my future.

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