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Stay In Your Lane

Brad is always telling me to stay in my lane.

Which lane does he want me to stay in? The Dairy Queen lane picking up my Valentine's cake? I know how to drive as a passenger lane? Let me give you directions lane. Maybe it is the I wish my children would listen to me lane. There is the I know how to do that better lane. My favorite is what are they doing lane. It could also be the I told you so lane.

I know who should stay in their lane - bad drivers. When you are turning, you should stay in your lane. So if you are in the left lane do not turn crossing into the right lane. How about when I am driving and someone is on their cell phone and starts to drift into my lane? How about those lane creepers - they should definitely stay in their lane.

Me - everything is my lane. As I like to say ... your business is my business.

Happy Valentines and Galentines Day!

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