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Did He Say Cadillac or Cataract

Some people make resolutions in the New Year, I make doctor appointments. Yesterday was my annual retina appointment.

I go to my eye doctor so I can see and yet he insists on sending me out blind.

After my eyes are dilated, the doctor flashes a bright light into my eyes and as if that is not bad enough, he starts prodding me with some sort of metal pick. Then the doctor starts comparing me to his 80+ year old mom. SERIOUSLY???? I reminded him that I have a blog.

Then the doctor throws out the word cataract. Surely he is telling me I need a Cadillac because I am too young for cataracts ... and a Cadillac for that matter. Both those words conjure up my parents and now the Doctor's mother. Ho Hum tag one more thing onto my to do list ... new knee, new eyes ...

After the doctor insults me, he sends me on my way to drive blind. I did not even get the complimentary roll up dilation glasses. So as I fumble and feel my way to my car, it dawns on me that I am now officially my mother and now if I could only see where I am driving.

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