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Cartilage Here and Gone Tomorrow

I know you all having been dealing with me whining about my knee and I do not see that ending any time soon. Sorry

We usually go to CU Sports Medicine and Performance Center and for those who are not familiar with this place, I am the oldest and by far the most unfit in the waiting room. The place is packed with serious athletes, young people and if someone is my age or older who I swore they just ran a marathon with a torn ACL and with a smile.

The doctor confirmed I my knee was bone on bone - arthritis in my knee and sent me on my way.

I decided to try another doctor at another clinic. The new waiting room was completely different, I was seriously the youngest person in the waiting room. There was not enough room for the walkers and canes. When I was called into the room, the Doctor's assistant asked for my height and weight which I had to include on 2 different forms. I wanted to tell him to look on the form, but I walked the weight shame and publicly declared my weight. Next was the blood pressure check - the young man went to put on the cuff when he copped a feel. I smiled and winked at him.

The Doctor was extremely nice and very competent and gave me hope. As we were talking, I burst out crying. As he handed me two tissues, I told him I did not want to be like his patients in the waiting room with a walker. I seriously have no idea what came over me, but that waiting room scared the bejesus out of me. He was able to quickly change the mood by suggesting I lose weight, I just looked at him ... as if that was shocking news that I had never heard before.

Who knew losing my cartilage would mean me losing my mind.

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