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Kondo No Go

I admit I am a little late to the game. I had heard of Marie Kondo (KonMari) and her books a few years ago, but I was not on the journey to conquer clutter. I go on the journey when Brad is yelling that our house is going to implode or I run out of closet/draw space. You would be hard pressed to find my house disorganized, but do not open a door, draw or cabinet ... now you have been warned.

One of the days I was home sick trying to decide on a Netflix show when I decided to give Tidying Up with Marie Kondo a go. Oh good Lord, she made me so anxious that I had to turn her off.

Imagine the time it takes to remove things by categories!! By the time I rounded up like items, I would forget why I was collecting them. Then to hold and determine if it gives me joy - well that really depends on the day. My lemon juicer gives me joy when I am making a cocktail, but any other day not so much. For that matter my kids give me joy on some days, but certainly not every day ... do I get to donate them? Now that I think about it, my juicer may give me more joy. And folding a T shirt or sweater into origami? She should be glad they make it out of the laundry basket and into a drawer.

PLUS I really felt as if she was telling her interpreter the people they were working with are slobs and hopeless because that is what I was thinking. I know - judge much?

Marie Kondo does not bring me joy; therefore, I will keep my children and my clutter for another day.

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