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Netflix is Like a Buffet


Being under the weather was the perfect foil for me to lay in jammies, drink, and watch Netflix/Amazon over the holidays, Being a couch potato in Colorado is unheard of. All these healthy and active Colorado people can make your life stressful. No wonder I drink - plus everyone knows alcohol can kill bacteria in 10 seconds plus it keeps you hydrated.

Because I am so smart, I have a list of Netflix/Amazon movies and series on my Iphone notes ... and there was just the beginning of my problem. Do I watch Netflix or Amazon? Did I have enough time to watch both?

Even properly sedated, I struggled with the choices - Do I watch a documentary and feel pretty smart or do I watch something totally slutty and mindless? The options were endless and if only my liquor was endless.

Once I started a series, I could not stop. I watched the entire Marvelous Mrs. Maisel 10 episodes from the second series. I was exhausted and full. How do you stop from binging at a buffet or watching Netflix/Amazon? How I ask? Because once I finished stuffing myself with entertainment I went to bed in order to face the Netflix/Amazon buffet the very next morning.

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