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I'm Back and Compressed

Holidays are done and so am I.

I love Christmas a whole lot, but I was sick most of the holiday so between being sick, parties, me wearing other people's home decor on my head and work there was no blog. No worries because I am back to catch you up ....

I am living a compressed life - literally. I wear compression hose, a compression knee brace and spanx. It is no wonder my head is about to explode.

Usually I take the week of Christmas as vacation so I can after holiday shop, and basically do all things without Brad. Brad surprised me with taking vacation to be be home with me. Since he was home and I was sick there was no after holiday shopping and no other non-Brad activities. When I told Brad one of my girlfriends was shopping, he was appalled and could not understand why anyone would need to shop after Christmas. As I was laying on the couch wrapped in a blanket, I shook my head in agreement and confirmed I did not understand either and lucky for him he has me. I had to do my after holiday shopping online.

When your underwear is too tight, you know it was a great holiday.

Brad bought me a fancy new road bike for Christmas so I could blast my quads. God Bless that man - he even turned the basement into a work out room for me - still looks brand new. I am going to be the best looking cyclist going 10 MPH, on a good day. He took me on my maiden voyage and I guess he thought the new bike was going to make me a speedster ... We rode alongside a yard with a dog running along the fence. As I pedaled by, the dog started to race me and he had to stop and come back to restart the race three times. Finally the dog sat on the ground and just looked at me as if I was a poser. My new bike was no match for this dog.

I told Brad that I wanted to go to Italy for my 60th birthday and he got so excited. He said that he will start looking into an Italian bike tour. I told him that is a great idea for his birthday.

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