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I was watching President Bush's service today and crying like a baby. It made me think of my parent's funeral with sadness, fondness, hope and humor.

While I was watching today thru my tears, I was so stressed thinking the Pallbearers were going to drop the casket. I mean they had to be in unison carrying a heavy casket up and down lots of stairs in military precision. I wonder if they were thinking the same thing.

If you have ever attended a military burial, you know how impressive they are. The precision and honor is undeniable. Attending my parent's interment was one of the most special times in my life. Even Brad said the service had incredible meaning and we were all happy we could celebrate their life together. Naturally during the service I was blubbering and spent an enormous amount of time trying to maintain some sort of decorum. However putting that much effort at a very emotional time is not a good idea because what happens is a contorted face with inhuman sounds and now the staunch military attendants and priest are looking mighty uncomfortable while Brad is preparing to give me mouth to mouth.

Funerals have a way of memorializing the good in all and washing away feelings of hurt and anger. I was pleased to spend this very special time with my younger brother and his family. In true Becky fashion, we hit the Fermentaria brewery for lots of liquids and some solids to reminisce about our parents and family as well as share pictures we brought to remind us why we are family and why we love each other so much. There were many more laughs than tears.

My sister in law suggested the Hershey Chocolate Tour as part of the festivities. Secretly I thought she was nuts, but who knew how much fun we would have. Best of all, as we stood at the Hershey Chocolate World, across the street was the Pennsylvania State Police Academy. Art and I thru teary eyes saluted the Pennsylvania State Police Academy where our father graduated prior to meeting the love of his life and our mom.

I left that day (November 8, 2017) with a heavy heart and an abundance of love. When November 8th rolls around, I am peaceful and the day will always hold a special place in my heart.

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