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Don't ....

The other morning while Brad drove me to work, he gave me a list of don'ts.


*Pick up his clothes because he is attached to his piles.

* Be a fleece toucher ... sometimes I dare to put his fleece back in his closet and then he cannot find it. I know the horror

*Touch his paperwork because he likes to keep it wherever he places it and then later forgets where he puts the paperwork and it becomes a family treasure hunt.

*Do his laundry till he is ready - I know this seems like a blessing, but I have OCD and laundry issues.

*Use a hammer and nails which is probably a good idea.

* Make plans for him which ends up meaning do not make plans for me.

I snapped his picture as he was lecturing me and he said, "Do not take my picture" ... I told him to add it to the list.

If I listened to Brad, I would have more time to spend taking selfies of me putting other people's Christmas decorations on my head in their bathrooms.

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