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OMG The Holidays and Kids are Coming

I need all of you to know that I love my children more than anything else on earth, besides Brad. I want my children to come home and stay with us all the time especially during the holidays; even though they only live 17 miles from us. It makes me feel good to have them in the house all snuggled in their beds. Ok we got rid of Jake's twin bed and turned his room into Brad's man cave, but he was upgraded to the queen bed in the guest room ... he is kind of like a guest or at least he thinks he is.

The fantasy of a family holiday does not resemble the reality of having 4 adults in the house. I wake up to clothes hanging from the chandeliers, a pyramid of used plates and glasses and sleeping in silence is a mere essence of a wish. Finding my way around the house must be what Princess Diana felt when she walked the minefields - both emotionally and physically. This morning I tripped on three things and almost broke my neck with my angels nestled all snug in their beds, while visions of sugar plums danced in their heads,

Those little angels surprised me by bringing up the Christmas decorations while I was sleeping. Bless those sweet munchkins as they put the boxes, ribbons, wreaths, their snoof and their fuzzles, their tringlers and trappings all over the living room. What I really wanted this morning was a glass of gin and not coffee except I could not find my way to the alcohol.

As the holiday season commences, in my mind Mag and Jake are 6 and 4. If I could keep them that small, I probably would. So I will take their visits and the holidays filled with chaos and love and relocate the alcohol for easy access.

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