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Weekend with Brad


I had my man back all to myself this weekend. Brad is a very romantic guy. I remember when we were first married living in New Jersey, he would bring a picnic lunch to my work so we could eat underneath a tree. The years have come and gone and Brad is still romantic as ever. Friday night we got in his truck and went elk spotting. Yes you read that correctly. You can imagine my excitement as we drove along country roads with binoculars looking for herds of elk. Let me state for the record, this is not my calling. I must say Brad was very patient with me. I guess there were a herd of deer about 50 yards from the truck that I could not spot with binoculars and Brad's precise directions. He finally took the binoculars away and said, "Becky you can see them by just looking out your window". I never saw the deer, but I promised Brad if there were a pair or herd of Christian Louboutin shoes, I would be able to spot them with no problem. I consider myself a shoe spotter. We spent the remainder of Friday night with cocktails watching Avengers with Brad nodding off three quarters thru the movie.

Saturday morning was the best. Since it was raining, tennis was cancelled which calls for sitting in front of the fireplace in jammies drinking a stout - yum. I believe in equal opportunity and do not believe in discriminating when we drink. We were going to meet friends Saturday night to listen to a band. At 1pm Brad decided he was not up to going out and wanted to know what movie I wanted to watch. WHAT? I suggested he finish Avengers while I represent the Fell couple and off I went. OMG I had so much fun. I danced my ass off (if only I really could) and was able to spend time with friends I had not seen for a while. I came home to Brad passed out on the bed with the cat sitting on him - that man makes me laugh even when he is passed out.

I could not wait to tell Brad all the fun I had Saturday night and let him know he was missed. He asked who I danced with and I said anyone and everyone. All the single ladies, all the single men, all the married woman and all the married men .... I am an equal opportunist. As Brad knows, my boobs serve as my backup purse and usually a very secure purse; however, I shimmied my lipstick out of my back up purse a few times. This is very unusual since my bosom is a lock chamber where nothing comes out alive. So thank you to the men who found my tube of lipstick between their feet and brought it back to me.

Weekends with Brad are the best.

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