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Weekend Without Brad

Weekends without Brad are few and far between so I try and take full advantage of my mini vacation. The Halloween picture is not Brad, but an unsuspecting blog victim (thanx Wayne).

Brad left our homestead foraging for food or what is commonly known as elk hunting.

These are the things I enjoyed on my mini vacation:

1. I get to come and go without explaining why and what I am doing.

2. I can eat and drink whatever and whenever I want. I bought a coconut cake because I was craving coconut cake - crazy.

3. I went to Saturday tennis drills and just drove around doing mindless errands and looking at things opposed to rushing home to sit by Brad's side.

4. I get to watch whatever I want on TV drinking wine and eating popcorn.

5. I went to a Halloween party and closed the party - Brad likes to say he has to stay home because he is on call even though he is neither a doctor or someone that has to be on call.

6. I get to endlessly gossip on the telephone without hiding in a closet.

7. I did just about zero house or yard work because I was too busy watching Netflix, gossiping on the phone, drinking wine and eating popcorn and coconut cake.

8. I get to stretch my legs out on the bed - this is like a little slice of heaven.

9. I could be in any room of the house without hearing Brad yelling, "Becky - Where are you?" or "What are you doing?"

These are the things I hated on my mini vacation:

1. I do not have my best friend to do things with.

2. I have to make my own food and cocktail.

3. I had no one to tell how fabulous I was at tennis drills (even if I was not).

4. I have no one to dissect the storyline from my Netflix marathon.

5. I had to drive myself to and from a Halloween party.

6. I missed Brad reminding me life is good dosing me with reality.

7. I am sore from so much sitting and there is no fooling the scale.

8. I get lonely at bedtime; therefore, Friday night I let one of the cats sleep with me and that was a total mistake. I was laying on my side and the cat would crawl up my back and slide down my stomach as if he was at a waterslide. After three times, I threw him out of the bedroom and shut the door.

9. I get a little lonely not hearing Brad yelling, "Becky - Where are you?" or "What are you doing?"

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