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I Need a Chaperone at ALL Times


When I go to bed at 6:30pm on a Sunday night, I know it was a long weekend.

Friday night we stayed in to watch a movie, eat really stinky cheese and drink wine in preparation for the Shelton Brothers beer fest on Saturday.

Once we got to Denver, Brad insisted we walk since the event in RiNo was only a mile away from our hotel ... even though there are plenty of Uber drivers that need the money.

Although the Shelton Brothers beer fest is known for the international breweries, they have a fairly large US representation and the first booth we hit was Strange Roots Experimental Ales from Pgh, PA (really Millvale). I insisted we were related or BFF at the very least since I am from Pgh, PA (really Lower Burrell). We both were fibbing a bit which makes us like family. I had a really good cherry sour. The brewers kept running into me and I would yell like we were long lost family - I think they wished I would get lost. Brad takes the worse pictures and I need to stop talking when he is clicking to reduce the number of chins. Pennsylvania friends, if you go to the brewery look for this guy and ask him for a Becky discount ... I promise he remembers me.

There were so many cherry sours that I was puckered for hours. Only drinking IPAs would enable me to keep going. I met a very tall man who played basketball in college. I made him hug me and then tell me how tall I was. God Bless that guy for playing along - he hugged me like I was his squeeze and he guessed my height correctly. Good thing I did not suggest he guess my weight.

Then we headed to Hayter's & Co. to watch the Buckeyes. Brad single handedly caused the loss for the Buckeyes by knocking down Brutus!! Brad says he barely touched Brutus when he collapsed like the Buckeye defense. For some reason I thought drinking more beer without eating was a smart idea. You all know how much I love to eat - I live to eat, but when I drink, I do not eat. I honestly lose whatever marbles I have when I drink. So at the bar I invited several people to our house for Thanksgiving. Yep I even insisted we exchange telephone numbers. One sweet girl suggested we meet for lunch first.

Brad called it a night and I called an Uber. We stayed at The Source Hotel where they give you a beer when you check in!! SCORE!!! From here on out it gets a little fuzzy. After Brad's fight with Brutus, he was exhausted and passed out on the bed. I on the other hand felt I had more get up and go so I left to party on. I go to the closest bar/restaurant which is an Israeli restaurant - Safta. I order a cocktail because I needed one and some hummus because it was time to chow. An Israeli couple sat next to me and we became fast friends. I not only invited them to Thanksgiving, but also Christmas Eve so they could celebrate Jesus with me. YEP and then I ate their food while letting them know I could bring peace to the Middle East.

The next morning we met the kids at a pumpkin farm to pick and carve pumpkins. It was ungodly hot outside. I told the kids I had the flu and would need to make this a quick trip because walking in a pasture with dead pumpkins and screaming kids was not ideal for someone in my situation.

Brad is not doing a very good job at chaperoning or photography for that matter; therefore, I will be accepting chaperone applications - All are welcome to apply.

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