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Can't Take Me Anywhere

I thought it would be fun to watch a movie while eating French food. The French bistro is cute and very European - ☑️. We were greeted with a charcuterie plate -☑️. I am a fancy girl ☑️.

The seating for the movie is a bit tight so when I walked in with my coat and purse, I knocked over a man and a table with place settings which Brad and the hostess had to scramble to pick up. The entire time I am saying sorry, sorry, sorry. The hostess suggested I carry my purse and she offered to take my coat. This reminded me of the time we were in France and I walked into a skin care/fragrance boutique with a big backpack. I turned around forgetting about my backpack and knocked over the window display. I got so panicked with the shop girl squealing that I turned around quickly and knocked over another display. I pretty much single handedly destroyed their boutique. The shop girl actually showed me out the door. I am a little self-conscious when I have to walk in tight places with any accessories.

Bistro movie night is an interesting idea, but the reality is not so much. The lights go down and you have servers trying to walk on their knees as not to disrupt your viewing as if that is not distracting. You get a plate of food with no idea what you are eating. Plus it is a little eerie because no one is talking and all you can hear is silverware clicking on the plates. I have the attention span of a tsetse fly; therefore, watching an animated film (Loving Vincent) was good for about 10 minutes until I leaned over to Brad and said I was ready to go. When I am bored and not allowed to talk, all I want to do is talk and talk loudly. The best part is trying to go to the bathroom weaving around the tables quietly as not to be a disruption. As you guessed, I knocked over someone's purse and I lost my balance and sat on a man's lap all the while saying sorry, sorry, sorry. After my potty break, I took a deep breath to reenter the room while I am sure all the patrons also took a deep breath waiting for my return. It was very stressful!

At the end of the evening when the lights came up, I made a beeline out the door so no one would get a good look at me. Wouldn't you know this is the time Brad decides to be Chatty Cathy with the couple who sat behind us while I am standing outside the big picture window in my bright pink coat saying Au revoir to all the people I disrupted for the past 2 hours.

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