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Wedded Bliss


On Sunday, Brad and I celebrated 29 years of marriage (31 years together) which translate into 10,585 days (11,315 days together). At this point, we have spent more than half our lives with each other.

The secret to our wedded bliss is a secret ... to us. I made two meals once we tied the knot. The first meal I made was lemon chicken. It was a recipe to feed 20 people and the only thing I reduced was the chicken. Brad was puckered for a week. My next meal was spaghetti and to this day I am not sure what was wrong with it, but Brad took one bite and turned up his nose ... so I threw the plate of spaghetti at him and told him that was the last meal I am making. It pretty much was the last meal mostly because we had limited supply of dishes and Brad did not want to spend dinner dodging flying plates.

For our 29th, Brad gave me his bike trainer and he bought himself a Zwift bike trainer and program. He is thoughtful that way because every wife wants to be reminded she needs to exercise and then get second hand equipment. I grudgingly put on my cycle shoes and got on my bike. As I was riding, Brad came down the stairs with a hatchet in his hand!!! For a minute I thought maybe I should be more appreciative until he told me he was putting it with his hunting gear for his upcoming elk hunting trip. Then he started to ask what bike gear I was in and how long I was riding, blah, blah. I told him I am riding on the flats and if he does not leave me alone I am going to ride him over.

We also have a little game we play that is so cute. When Brad goes on a business trip, fishing or hunting, I get a mini vacation. This is my cue to buy new lamps, rugs and pillows. For some insane reason he hates when I buy pillow, rugs and lamps so I have to buy them when he is away and then I deny they are new when he returns home. The other day I went crazy and bought a floor lamp, console table and two end tables. I thought Brad was going to have an aneurysm when he walked in the door. After 29 years, you would think he would get the gist of the game especially since it is always the same outcome.

Although we are going out for dinner in Denver tonight to celebrate our wedded bliss, we decided to spend our anniversary at home and enjoy the snow. Brad wanted to watch the Broncos lose so I went to the movies with Maggie. While I was at the movies, Brad sent me a text .... "It's our Anniversary".

Maybe the secret to our bliss is his calm demeanor and my fiery spirit. All I know is he is the love of my life. Brad has always supported me whether I am making up words, exaggerating stories, putting guitar picks between my breast during his work Christmas party, being loud or tying one on the night before. He does all the grocery shopping, all the cooking (it is best this way to save on plate replacement), drives me to and from work every day. We will be somewhere and I will see him across the room and I think he is the most handsome man in the room - I still get butterflies. Most of all he is the best father and every time I see him with our children, my heart swells. I am the lucky one ~

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