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My Siblings


First of all apologies for lack of postings, but work has been, well a lot of work, so I have been preoccupied - believe me it is not from a lack of something to say. In addition, Wix is perhaps the worst web platform for a blog. The WIX customer service makes the DMV employees look stellar.

Somehow I am losing weight when my diet has consisted of meatballs, candy corn and cocktails - no joke. I finally got batteries for my scale so the pressure is on.

The holidays remind me of my family growing up. My parents are no longer with us, but my brothers are still a phone call away. I can never understand how siblings with the same parents, same living conditions and 50% shared genetics can be so different.

They say parents have a preference in the firstborn, but in our family it was the youngest - Art. He was spoiled rotten or because he is 8 and 6 years younger than John and myself, my parents just ran out of steam. Although my mom really did think the sun rose and set upon Art.

These Christmas pictures are a small example of the difference between us:

John is wearing a cowboy hat when the only horse he saw was when we watched Bonanza on TV. John had complete control of the TV which meant I had to watch Speed Racer, Johnny Quest, Three Stooges and other stupid shows unlike quality TV shows such as Brady Bunch, Partridge Family, Knots Landing and others. John loves the outdoors and country living. No city slickers for him. He is a gentle giant who can explode at any moment. For instance, he punched a hole in my bedroom door and his favorite game was locking me out of the house after curfew. I made sure to return that favor.

I must have been very patriotic with my red, white and blue robe. I am more comfortable with concrete underneath my feet and big buildings. All that green open space gives me the hives. I like to be loud, opinionated and never saw a table I could not climb on. Although John may have knocked me around a few times, I took aim and stuck my pencils in his arm :) I got in a little trouble for that.

Art is our baby brother. He has always been contrary - wearing his cowboy football gear when we lived in Pgh, PA where the Steelers (Penguins & Pirates) reign supreme. Art is the calm before the storm, cerebral and since he could not get a word in edgewise, he is very quiet. I swear he is in the CIA because everything is so mysterious with him like a secret or a puzzle to be solved. Simply exhausting if I did not love him so much ... His claim to fame would be knocking out my front tooth the summer before my sophomore year of college and yet I also think the sun rises and sets upon Art.

So this Thanksgiving as you eat your turkey, look around the table and whether your sibling is your best friend or your enemy, their existence had a profound influence on your life. I just hope you did not have to get a new front tooth or make a habit of climbing thru bedroom windows after curfew.

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