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Life's Little Pleasures

I am throwing in this picture because I forgot to document our weekend and luckily I have lots of these little gems laying around the house. This is when I first met Brad and he instantly fell in love with me.

This weekend was filled we happy hour at Jake's house, fantastic wedding, tennis, bike rides, but sometimes it is the the simple things in life that gives you the most pleasure.

* I was able to wear a pair of shoes to a wedding without having to cut my feet off

* I did not dance on a table or flash my boobs at the wedding ... Brad quickly dragged me home before I unleashed the beast

* The batteries in my scale died (If I was out of gin, I would have been to the liquor store lickety split, but batteries for my scale - those can wait)

* I woke up Sunday morning and it was raining which meant no bike ride, praise baby Jesus

* Ohio State beat Penn State = no grumpy Brad

* It is sweater and yoga pants weather.

* My Tyme Iron Pro actually curled my frizzy hair.

* It is candy corn time - do not judge me ... FYI the candy pumpkins are disgusting and I am totally judging

* I found a small box of chocolates in the freezer and I ate all 4 chocolates.

* I got the last cup of coffee this morning

* Brad planted my flower pots on the deck without me asking

* I found money in my pocket - now I can buy more candy corn

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