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Heels are a Nasty Habit

Shoes have been a struggle all of my life. I desperately want to wear 4 inch, strappy heels. I also desperately want to be super tall, thin, smart and wealthy. Back to heels - throw in my bunions, flat feet, pronation, knock knees and my advancing age - heels are a nasty habit!

For years I squeezed my foot into heels and walked like an ostrich. In my 30's I started to wear wedges, 40's brought kitten heels then at the ripe age of 50, flats became my best friend. When I got my stand up desk, I used that as an excuse to wear slippers while standing. There is a woman my age down the hall who wears her heels all day sitting and standing, but she is one of those show offs. Originally I only wore my slippers in my office. Then I wore them to walk down the hall to the restroom. Before you knew it, a meeting in my building - you guessed it - slippers.

I am usually gussied up at work and today as I was looking in the bathroom mirror deciding whether I liked the fit of my pants. A coworker walked in and I asked her opinion. She took one look at me and said, "Shoes set the tone and complete the outfit. Perhaps if I wore my shoes, the pants would look just fine". WHAT??? She was quick to add her grandmother owned slippers like shoes and had a color to match each nightgown. Her grandmother was a Genius!

High heels were originally worn by men in the 10th century and when the men realized these were torture devices, high heels were established as a lady's shoe in the 18th century. If Cinderella can wear slippers (Glass Slippers), why can't I?

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