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Weekend Warrior


The only downside of living in Colorado is waiting for a bad weather day as an excuse to couch surf.

With the weather in the 90's, we had a very busy weekend. Friday night we crashed Jake's college house to pre party before the CU Boulder football parade on Pearl Street. I felt as if we fit right in with the 21+ year olds. I wonder if Jake ever wishes he went to college out of state. When we got home that evening, Brad forced me to have a cocktail on our deck and then he fell asleep. He is a romantic man.

Saturday was tennis with a slight hangover which is never a good idea. I was moving very slowly Saturday so maybe I am not 20 again and falling asleep on the deck was a good idea?

I went on a training bike ride for the bike'n brew. I was so proud of myself because I climbed a little hill that is usually tough for me with ease. I was all bragging to Brad telling him I think it was my new cycling shirt when he broke my heart by saying I had a tailwind. Why does he have to be so mean and romantic?

Best of all my tennis crew asked me to play pickleball. OMG I had so much fun!! When I told Mag that I was playing, she told me pickleball is for old people and I reminded her I am an old person - that became evident Friday night. I am proud to announce I am a pickleball player and ready to take on the seniors ... I still have my height and should be able to slam the ball at the seniors.

We ended the weekend with family dinner celebrating Riley and Jorden's September birthdays with spikeball (Jake and I are reigning champions) then a feast and two cakes with ice cream. All good deeds end with ice cream.

I know I cannot outrun my fork so fooling my brain into exercise without realizing it is exercise is always my goal. Weekend warriors unite ~

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