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When You Run Into Your Daughter's Boyfriend in a Bar

I am not sure what is worse - being my child or being my child's partner.

It is kind of a funny situation when your children start to have a serious relationship. As a parent you are desperately trying to cut the strings (I can never find my scissors) and yet now you have another person entering your child and your life. How do you control both of them? Oh I am not suppose to control them? This could be the problem.

Jake tells me Riley is still afraid of me. WHAT? I did tell Riley she was the reason Jake has no money. We love Riley so I am thinking Jake is really afraid for Riley? Jake then went on to define his statement ... Riley is afraid of you mom because you are so involved in my life. True Be Dat - and now I have a blog! We adore and love you Riley.

Mag started to date a very nice young man from California .... not sure why both my kids date people from California. I think it is the CU Boulder factor. We have only met Jorden once and I was on my very best behavior since Mag can be a bit of a handful. Brad and I went for happy hour and low and behold Jorden works at the restaurant. Imagine his terror seeing me at the restaurant. It is one thing to have your girlfriend's mom at your place of business, but another to see her drinking and this is Becky drinking. Of course it did not stop me from chasing him down to get a selfie.

Bless sweet Jorden's big heart because he is so uncomfortable around me. It is just about time I open up so he gets the full Becky effect. Riley grab a bag of popcorn, sit in the barcalounger and watch the show.

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