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OMG I Turned Into My Mom

Let me count the ways I am Donna Jean Bernardo's mini me:

1. I keep dishes, napkins, clothes for special occasions and yet those special occasions never happen because I am waiting for an even better special occasion.

2. I jet my jaw, chew on my lip and turn my head when I do not like something.

3. I insist on holding long conversations with store employees while my children are frantic that I am somehow not following the check-out line etiquette.

4. I collect Christmas ornaments, so many that I can no longer fit them on one tree and yet I will not part with them. I promise Mag and Jake these ornaments will be for them one day. They are waiting in anticipation.

5. Ironing for the perfect crease

6. My nose takes up lots of real estate.

7. Cursing is for people with a limited vocabulary. I swear like a sailor because my mom would tell me this and my kids probably curse even more because I say it to them.

8. Being witty and sometimes at someone else's expense ... oops

9. I yell out family names till I hit on the right name.

10. I am critical about Mag and Jake's hair and clothes.

11. I hide all my vices from Brad and yet he knows all my vices and hiding places.

12. We are fashionistas or at least in our minds.

13. Never met a stranger and hugs are free.

14. We are full of advice ... wanted or unwanted ... does not matter.

15. We both love to read, write and laugh- I wish I had made her write her life story earlier than a few months prior to her death.

16. I am a total food pusher and I just cannot help it. If we are having 4 guests, I cook for 20 and then make everyone eat triple and the pack up leftovers for them to take.

I will catch myself saying or doing something my mom did and I will say to Brad, "Oh My Gosh, I am my Mom". Then I see him cringe and I realize he is visualizing that he is married to my mom. I need to stop doing that!

Thanx to my baby brother, Art, for reminding me all the ways Donna Jean is part of me.

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