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Well I'll Be Darn - Pigs Do Fly

I am not sure if you noticed the earth stood still Sunday morning because I put on my cycling gear and went for a bike ride all on my own.

Before you get all like that is so great Becky, I knew you could do it or let me write up an exercise plan for you ... Brad and I are hosting our 7th annual bike'n brew because we are responsible adults and believe biking 20 miles and drinking beers is a safe activity.

I have not biked for a long time. I think once or twice this summer which means I need to train to reduce sore legs, neck and lady part bonfires. It is a good thing I have been consistent with my beer consumption training.

On my maiden voyage this Sunday, I could not remember how to work my gears. Seriously I was going up a hill in super high gears pedaling at a mean 2 MPH. I cannot confirm, but I am pretty sure the farmer in the tractor was laughing at me. Once I got my gears worked out, my legs told me to turn around so after 2.6 miles, I turned around at the end of the road and biked another 2.6 miles home. That farmer was totally laughing and waved to me on my return. Who said farmers do not have a cruel sense of humor. I think the 28 minute ride took me 45 minutes. This is bad for the bike'n brew because at this rate I will be one brewery behind and it would be a shame to waste all that beer consumption training.

Here is the real shocker ... when I got off my bike at home, I realized I actually enjoyed myself and maybe just maybe biking after work would be a good thing. WHAT YOU SAY- I know it is as if the exercising fairy called Brad landed on my shoulder, but no worries because the couch potato fairy called Becky is on my other shoulder.

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