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Moms Need Moms


Last night was the end of tennis league season for me. The best part of league tennis is talking and laughing with the team after the match while slugging a beer, margarita, and wine. Tracey's mom joined us and agreed Après Tennis is the best part; although, I am actually kind of shocked her best part was not watching me lose my match.

During Après Tennis, we talk about our lives which pretty much centers around our children and husbands.

Parenting is filled with pressure and the nagging doubt that we are screwing everything up. Oh God then add the silent competition - Division amongst moms starts early. Which mom is doing it best and which mom is doing it worst. Which moms have top achieving, most athletic, most popular and best dressed children. WHAT - their children have a job? Answering a loaded question regarding your children can be excruciating and nerve wracking.

It does not help that husbands only want the bottom line and a good bottom line at that. Brad tells me he only wants to hear happy and positive things. Oh ya, I would like that too! Our kids come to me as if I am the triage unit. My next blog - How to handle when kids go bad and Brad goes mad.

Moms we need to be on the same team. Being supportive is good for our mental health and you know my mental health is hanging by a thread. Be happy when good things happen and just nod when bad things happen letting me know shit happens and hand me a cocktail.

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