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To Be Young and Thin Again

Brad cut his trip short by one day - he was afraid I was having too much fun and spending too much money. Guilty as charged!

Sunday was my mother's one year anniversary of her death so to celebrate my mom's life, I posted her picture. She was around 45 years old in this picture and very proud of her fashion sense. We will forgive her eyeglass selection. My mother's biggest regret was gaining weight during her last two pregnancies. She even told me she was skinny till she had me.

I held onto that comment forever to mean as a fetus and infant I was responsible for her weight gain. I know this is ridiculous, but then so are most of my weight/body issues. Forty year later, I realize the comment was simply meant she got pregnant with me and she never took off the weight. It kind of was a foreshadowing comment.

While I was digging thru pictures of my mom, I came across these college beauties. When I shared them with my college roommate Patty, her first comment to me was "To be that young and thin". I figured her eyesight was completely gone and she must be wearing my mother's glasses since all I could see were my huge thighs. I was forever hiding behind people in pictures so the fact I am side by side with Scooby is miraculous. BTW Scooby had to be female since we lived in a female only dorm and boys had to be snuck in thru the first floor windows.

I do not wish to be that young or thin ... I do wish to take responsibility for my body and I wish to live a healthy lifestyle so I can enjoy my twilight years to the fullest. This will give me many years to make all kinds of comments that my children can spend years trying to analyze and then blog about me when I am gone - I think of it as my legacy to my children.

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