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What Would Becky Do

Don't do it ... This what I say every time I decide it is a good idea to exercise or I think it would be fun to show my boobs at a party.

Don't buy it ... This is Brad's mantra, but not mine! Although I have to remind myself when I have an item in my hand and I am vacillating, it is a clear sign from the fashion fairies to put it down and walk away. Do I do that? Nope

Don't wear it ... When I make a regret buy, I torture myself as well as everyone else around me and wear the item. This could also apply to my affinity for anything sparkly. I never met a sparkle I didn't like.

Don't eat it ... When Brad and I lived in NJ, a couple invited us to their super bowl party. Brad and I were the only people who came (a host's worst fear). Our friends had a large table with an enormous spread. I felt so badly that I made it my mission to eat everything on that table. At one point, as I was doubled over in pain, Brad asked me why I continue to eat and begged me not to eat the table. I told him that if I ate everything our friends would not notice we were the only people who showed up. Just part of my crazy and I guarantee I was wearing an outfit I should not have bought and sure as shit should not have worn.

Don't keep it ... Don't keep what? My husband, my kids, my extended family - not as if I can put them out on trash day (can I?). There is no way I am getting rid of my 20 pair of yoga pants, even though I have never seen the inside of a yoga studio. I am going to confess that I have a hoarding problem with baskets, unwanted gifts, expired coupons/cards, shopping bags, boxes (to bedazzle someday), buttons, and kitchen gadgets. I refer to my stuff as my "collection". Brad reminds me the garbage can is my friend.

Fabulous is being crazy, fun and bedazzled in comfortable clothes ... surrounded by my collection.

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