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Movie Night and Cocktails - What's a Girl Gotta Do

I am out of control and I like it ...

So last night I met up with girlfriends for a movie. We decided to meet for drinks and snacks before the movie. When you get to the restaurant 40 minutes ahead of your girlfriends, you have to order 2 glasses of wine because that is what a girl's gotta do. Since the restaurant does not have a plate of celery on their menu, what is a girl gotta do? She gotta eat the bar food and then ask for seconds.

As you all know, I have a fear of exercise. The theater is behind the restaurant which is about 200 feet away. Obviously I would need to park outside the restaurant and then drive to the movie theater. I made my friend Eve drive to the movie theater with me while the others walk (they are such overachievers). Not only was I mindlessly eating, but apparently I was mindlessly driving since Eve accused me of almost getting us killed 4 times within the 200 feet distrance. It is as if I totally forgot the rules of the road - Obviously I cannot drive, talk and think.

Jency reminded me we could get an adult beverage in the movie theater and let's face it, Eve desperately needed one after our 2 minute commute. What's a girl gotta do - order herself a 20oz beer even though she has to pee as soon as she sits down in any movie theater. Why is that? Seriously whether I drink or not without a doubt, I have to run to the women's room after the movie. Is it the ambient temperature, the stress of being quiet or the stress of sitting still for 100 minutes? I will run you down to visit lady potty after the movie.

Sometimes I just lack self control and engage in mindless behavior. I swear my mind just clicks off and this girl just goes for it similar to when I like to crawl on a bar to dance after a few adult beverages. In my mind I look just like a coyote ugly dancer. Afterwards I lecture myself; although, I do not listen to my lectures anymore than I listen to Brad's lectures.

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