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When Brad is Away, Becky is Going to Play


Muslim Shot Glass

Brad is at a conference in Boston and that means lots of eating, drinking and shenanigans for Becky. Also I get to watch Housewives of Whatever City, and Say Yes to the Dress all day long without any complaining. It's the little things ...

Mag and I went to a beautiful wedding Saturday night and they had a cookie bar!!! Typically the cookie table comes out at the end of the evening after everyone has eaten or sometimes they keep the cookie table covered and unveil after the meal. Sweet baby Jesus the cookies were brought out with the appetizers. I got on my knees and cried because I love me some cookies. I literally overdosed into a cookie coma. I am so pathetic and have no cookie self-control.

Sunday was family day, but since Brad was off jet-setting, I would have to cook. Now we all know that is just crazy talk and a meal should be prepared by a professional at a local establishment. I have even less brunch self-control and had to be rolled into my car.

Captain Fran took Jake, Jacob and myself for a fun day on the boat. Let me tell you a boat is nothing more than a giant Bosu Ball that tests your lack of balance. Suffice to say my lack of self-control does not equate to bosu ball skills.

CU Boulder has an international campus family friend/student program. A family submits an application with their lifestyle and the university will match to an international student with a similar lifestyle. Somehow my lifestyle matched with a wonderful Muslim boy from Saudi Arabia? The first day I met Hassan, I let him know I drink and swear like a sailor and bacon is my favorite food group. God Bless Hassan because he was all in. He is an absolute sweetheart and part of our heathen family. This Sunday Hassan brought me Persian ice cream and a shot glass. He handed me the ceramic glass and said it is used to hold toothpicks and then he winked and said I think it will make a good shot glass for you. I should be a Middle Eastern ambassador.

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