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Blogging Brad

OK my personal and work life is getting in the way of my blog!!! BUT I AM BACK with a cocktail and a beer in my hand.

Everytime something happens and I get my panties in a twist, Brad tells me to blog about it (because he does not want to hear about it). Since Brad is a wise man and pissed me off last night, I am taking his advice.

I have been on a mission to get rid of the honey oak in our house and enter the 21st century. The last oak was our stairwell and the interior of our front door and sidelights. I told Brad I was going to paint the front door and stain the sidelights, but what should we do with the stairs - replace or paint/stain. He said pretty much verbatim, "Those stairs are pretty ugly, I don't care and I am too busy so just do what you want". Since I did not have my husband translator turned on, I contracted to paint/stain the stairs as well as the front door and sidelights.

Two days into the job, Brad walks by the stairs and says, "I didn't know you were going use such a dark cherry stain". Then he walks by again and says, "Wow, the white trim sure is white". Laying in bed last night he tells me, "Why did you paint the interior of the front door". His parting words were, "I do not know why you just didn't replace the stair railings".

I am anxious to meet my cellmate at the Denver Women's Correctional Facility and I will blog visiting hours and inmate information soon.

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