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My Oh My Why Must I Exercise

There was a lot of scrolling to find a picture of me exercising. Funny thing I have lots of pictures with my family and friends exercising ... again a viewer and not a doer.

I hate exercise - I want to like exercise and I visualize myself exercising, but that is as far as I go. For those that live in or around Boulder, Colorado you understand the pressure to be thin and fit. Obviously I do not cave into pressure.

My non exercise life is not for lack of support. So many people have tried to help me with exercise. Giving me ideas and offering to make me a plan or even sacrificing themselves to exercise with me. I was at a bridal shower this past Sunday and sat next to a sweet woman who told us her workout schedule and then lectured (me) how very important it is to exercise daily even if just 10 minutes. I was impressed how she was able to assess my fitness level and proposed a limited 10 minute workout while I was shoving cake in my mouth.

This is how lazy I am. I decided this week I would start a foam roller workout. Seriously you cannot get more pathetic than that. All I needed was 10 minutes and a foam roller of which I have both. I got home and the thought of foam rolling was just too much work and decided to go back to my typical work out which is the cocktail bicep curl.

Let's face it being thin and fit takes a lot of effort and I congratulate each of you. Because you had to make a conscious choice: To foam roll or watch the Bachelor? To eat celery or a pan of brownies? Don't get me wrong I have made choices: I have given up some high calorie foods such as firm tofu and quinoa. I also exercise by doing sprints into the kitchen. I am destined to have a rubenesque figure and I am going to embrace it!

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