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Guilty Pleasures

I am giving you my G rated guilty pleasure so the title may be a little misleading. I am obsessed with watching cooking shows.

Our bedroom is my ironing room, painting my fingernails room, hiding from Brad room and lots of other things room. Sunday mornings are my ironing day and I was watching a cooking show. Brad walked in laid on the bed and asked me why I watch these shows when I do not even cook. He is just like Captain Obvious or maybe he is hoping I will be inspired which we know will never happen since my motto is can to the man.

I have the same fascination with home design/renovation shows. I am no closer to picking up a frying pan than I am a hammer and yet I am addicted to watching these shows. There are the viewers and the doers and I would say without a doubt I am a viewer.

I am even more obsessed with the skinny chefs. Take Giada di Laurentiis as an example. Tasting her food has to be a bazillion calories and yet her whole body is the size of my left leg. Maybe the calories go to her head since I always thought her head is bigger than her body.

What I have learned from watching these type of shows is it takes a lot of work and it is so much easier watching people do the work than me actually doing the work. The amount of time I watch these shows is not reflected in the kitchen or home improvements and "It's a Good Thing".

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