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Golfing and Flat Feet

About 10 years ago, I went to CU Sports Medicine for a tennis injury. When the Physical Therapist came in, she asked me to stand up. After eyeing me up and down, she diagnosed me with:

* You are overweight (Check)

* You are flat footed (Check)

* You are severely pronated (because I am flat footed)

* Bunions on both feet (yep)

* Knock Knee (my poor daughter is as well)

First of all, she was simply restating the obvious and secondly, I was there for a shoulder impingement.

Saturday morning I went to tennis drills for 1.5 hours then came home to shower because we were going to watch our friend's son, David Kocher, golf in the Colorado Open Tournament. I have never played golf nor did I know the rules, but I told Brad we were going to walk the entire course with David. Four holes in Brad suggested we leave after 9 holes. I was appalled that he would leave poor David on the golf course without our encouragement.

No one told me that a tournament takes a long time to play. I was eyeing a woman who had a golf cart and obviously had flat feet and was smarter than me. If she had beer on the cart, I was going to hijack the cart.

As I hobbled to the 6th hole, I would have paid for someone to helicopter me out. After 3 hours, we make it to the 9th hole then I crawled on my knees to the car.

For those of you who are lucky enough to have beautiful feet and knees, bunions and flat feet are a death sentence for any prolonged walking and especially standing. Being obese only exasperates these conditions. Besides the burning and pain, I get extensor tendonitis which makes me want to cut my feet off at the ankle. Brad's solution was to walk and exercise more. Seriously he comes up with the worst ideas.

I figured David no longer required my encouragement and I gave him a big hug and wished him well, I told Brad we need a beer stat and perhaps he could carry me over the brewery threshold?

PS: David is 22 years old and just graduated college, finished rounds 67 69 71 with a -9 and placed T25 in the Colorado Open. I walked 9 holes and laid on the couch for two days.

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