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Screen Doors

Brad's company's 20th anniversary party was yesterday which meant another round of chafing dishes and endless beer and wine. Never - I repeat Never - decide to cut your calories during the summer and holidays. The best time is February, March and October. Well now that I think about it, maybe just February since we never celebrate Valentine's Day while March is my bday month and St. Paddy's day while October is Halloween and I cannot help myself when there is a bag of kit kats sitting in front of me.

The BBQ had chafing dishes full of pulled chicken and pork ... can I tell you how tired I am of eating pulled anything so much that I am going to pull my teeth out. However that does not stop me from hitting the buffet table hard. As Brad and I are getting food, he lets me know he has read my blog and it may be easier for me to just take the chafing dish to my table to eat. Ya well maybe it is easier for me to punch you.

I had an IPA and then decided to switch to wine to save calories until Brad told me that was enough drinking. So I went and drank four more beers. You think he would know better. I did take a swipe of cake from a 2 year old child's plate (thanx Nash).

We came home and of course I had to drink a sour beer on the deck and invite my favorite neighbor Ron to have a beer with me and Brad ... that was until Denise came looking for him. It is dangerous to be my neighbor because I am an enabler. Ron went home and Brad went into the house and I sat outside enjoying the evening drinking my beer. I finished my beer and then proceeded to walk thru the screen door into the house. Yep right thru the screen which is now just flapping in the wind - who does that? ME - Brad told me to go to bed and I thought it best to listen to him.

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